Food and beverages

Packagings dedicated to the food market is a big part of our offer. We manufacture them from raw materials: PET, PS, OPS, PP and paper. In this area, we can pride ourselves on many lines of developed and patented packagings, such as the DimondOne® Line.

Click-Pack packagings are used in such branches of the food industry as:

  • confectionery (cakes, cookies, ice cream, sweets)
  • delicatessen (salads, meat, fish, appetizers)
  • gastronomy (salads, sauces, ready meals, sandwiches, hamburgers)

Each of the products can be personalized and enriched with individual qualities to help our clients build the specificity of their brand.

The most important product groups are: disposable packagings, toppers, promotional sets, mechanical packing systems and trays.